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Brian Ochoa
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United States
Welcome to my comic page! This has been a dream of mine since my Navy days and I'm really, really happy to bring it to you now. I'm still learning but I hope to make this journey as special and unique as possible while improving my skills simultaneously. Multitasking FTW!
I am not at all looking forward to the new Rogue One movie.  I was trepidatious enough about Episode VII when I realized from the trailer that it was probably Episode IV re-done and it was.  But seeing Rogue One being yet another re-telling of another story that has already been re-told is pushing the limits for me.  I'm getting the distinct impression that Disney has decided to take the attitude of: "Any story you can tell we can tell better" when they make these new movies.

In case you're too young to know exactly what I'm referring to when I say this story has already been re-told let me take you back to 1995.  It was a day when Windows was new and most computers still ran DOS.  There were no smart phones, no tablet PCs and cable had 50 channels max.  There were still only three Star Wars movies and a few novels and Lucasarts decided that the best way for fans to scratch their Star Wars itch was to create a video game called Dark Forces.  The premise behind Dark Forces was that you were a mercenary named Kyle Katarn who was hunting down and killing a new breed of Storm Trooper being created by the Empire.  However, there was also a storyline that made you find and steal the plans to the Death Star.

Fast forward to 2006 and we are given another Star Wars video game called Lethal Alliance.  In this game you play a Twi'Lek mercenary who is tasked with finding and stealing the plans to the Death Star.  Just eight years later we have Rogue One, a story about an Imperial Defector who is tasked by the fledgling Rebel Alliance with (stop me if you've heard this one) finding and stealing the plans to the Death Star.

Notice a trend here?

I have and I'm not at all happy about it.  Regardless of the quality of the movie it's a story we've seen before.  Episode VII was a lot of fun to watch (I bought it yesterday on DVD) and I really enjoyed it but I question it's longevity for the reason that it's a story I've seen before.  It's a story I'm very familiar with and while the new characters are great save for Kylo Ren I just don't feel like that was the best move for ALL the new movies that are coming out especially the side story ones.  I'll give the new trilogy some slack for this, after all the classic trilogy is fast approaching forty years old but for movies like Rogue One this is almost unforgivable.

Give us something new!  Give us something we haven't seen before!  There is a rich history around the galaxy that is Star Wars that has only barely been explored.  The expanded universe of novels and comic books already showed us how many directions you can go, why is Disney falling back on the same old stories we've all seen time and time again?  I'll tell you why.  Because they want to play it safe.  They already know that any movie that has the Star Wars Monikor on it is going to just print money but they also want to learn from George Lucas mistake.  Except they haven't.  George relied on his old formula when he made the prequel trilogy.  He made the movies for young fans and pushed the limits of special effects to and past their breaking points.  He relied as much on visuals as he did characters to tell his story.  It didn't work.  Episode VII and Rogue One is Disney relying on the already known quantities of the story we've seen over and over again for forty years.  It's not working very well so far.  Sure they've made their money back on every movie they want to make for the next fifty years off of just The Force Awakens but playing it safe isn't.  It's going to backfire and I'm not going to feel sorry for the next poor schlob that fans start to bitch at non-stop for the next twenty years.


Izzy Antonia Challenges you!
My new channel mascot.  Naturally there are still some changes I want to make but they would be subtle at best.  Things like makeup, jewlery, etc. if any.
Shilo and Joss have an... interesting relationship.  It's part business partner, part former Army buddies and part mother daughter.  Shilo is actually two or three decades older than Joss believe it or not and cares deeply for her.  Joss feels similarly for Shilo but she'll probably never admit it.
Izzy Antonia concept
I'm still working on a mascot for my twitch channel and I decided to change things up a bit.  I still wanted a female character to represent my channel but I wanted someone less mean and who represented gaming as a whole rather than straight warfare.  So I took an old name and remade the mascot into what you see here.  This is pretty much the finalzed character now I just need to make something real with her.  What that is sadly, I have no idea just yet but I'm excited to see what I can do with her.
Cyber Quiet Snake
This is a piece I ultimately decided not to finish.  I wanted to try and make Big Boss and Quiet into street mercs ala the Shadowrun universe.  I had started to color it but was not at all happy with the results so I gave it up.  Didn't want to line art to go to waste so I decided to post it anyway.  I really like the expression on Quiet's face in this piece.



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